Pasadena Volkswagen: 2012 Volkswagen CC Top Safety Pick

The 2012 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick was given to the 2012 Volkswagen CC 2.0L TSI. The non-profit safety association gave the car their highest honor, which distinguishes vehicles that do the best job of protecting their occupants when the vehicles were reviewed during front, rear and side crash safety tests.2012 Volkswagen CC Top Safety Pick

The association only recognizes vehicles that feature electronic stability control along with airbags that protect the head of the occupants. The president of the Institute pointed out Volkswagen’s continuous commitment to constructing quality vehicles. Volkswagen Pasadena The Volkswagen CC safety features include Anti-Slip Regulation, a component that automatically shuts down power to the wheels when a sensor detects a problem with the tires connecting to the road properly. Another safety feature of the Volkswagen CC is Electronic Stability Control, which detects oversteering and understeering. The stability control will correct evasive movement automatically to help the driver regain control.

The VW CC safety is constructed with Crash enhanced front end for added impact protection during a crash. The Intelligent Crash Response System is a feature that activates automatically during a crash to turn off the fuel supply, unlock the doors and turn on the hazard lights. The company has included an electric parking brake to ensure the vehicle is parked safely at all times.

Consumers will feel confident in the extra safety features that are included in the Volkswagen CC and will enjoy the style, comfort and affordability of this quality vehicle.